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Collaborating with EAB Exchange-A-Blade, North America's pioneering eco-friendly power tools accessories brand established in 1970, was a truly inspiring experience. As their development partners, our mission was to help EAB elevate their online presence and expand their reach into the US markets.
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How we added value..

Our collaboration with a well-established Canadian power tools accessories manufacturer, operating since the 1970s, was focused on helping them leverage ecommerce to acquire new customers, especially during the challenging times of the Covid-19 pandemic. In response to their goals, we embarked on a mission to design and develop a stunning Shopify ecommerce website in just eight weeks. Here's an overview of the exceptional services we provided to enable their success in the US market.

  1. Stunning Shopify Ecommerce Website: Understanding the client's need to adapt and thrive in the digital landscape, we set out to create a visually captivating Shopify ecommerce website. Our dedicated team of designers and developers worked tirelessly to ensure that the website not only reflected the client's brand identity but also provided an intuitive and seamless shopping experience for customers. The result was a stunning online platform that showcased their wide range of products and offered an efficient purchasing process.
  2. Acquiring New Customers During Covid-19: Recognizing the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, our focus was to help the client expand their customer base by leveraging the power of ecommerce. By providing a user-friendly and secure online platform, we enabled the client to reach potential customers who were actively seeking power tools accessories while adhering to social distancing guidelines. This strategic move allowed them to tap into a new market segment and mitigate the impact of the pandemic on their business.
  3. Rapid Development and Timely Delivery: Given the urgency of the client's requirements, we embraced the challenge of developing the Shopify ecommerce website within a tight timeframe of just eight weeks. Our experienced team efficiently managed the entire development process, from design to implementation, ensuring every aspect of the website was meticulously crafted to meet the client's needs. The result was a seamless and timely launch that allowed the client to swiftly capitalize on the ecommerce opportunity and engage customers in the US market.
  4. Driving Success in the US Market: Our primary objective was to enable the client to make a significant impact in the US market. By leveraging the ecommerce capabilities of the Shopify platform, we equipped the client with the tools necessary to attract, engage, and convert customers across the United States. The comprehensive range of products offered on the website ensured that they could cater to diverse customer needs, enhancing their market presence and fueling their growth in a new geography.
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What we loved about this project..

  1. Pioneering Ecommerce for a 40-Year-Old Business: Thrilled to be part of their ecommerce journey, we enabled the client to expand their reach and embrace digital commerce. Our Shopify website development empowered them to attract new customers and navigate the evolving online sales landscape.
  2. Managing a Vast Product Catalog: With over 1500 SKUs, organizing their extensive product catalog was an exciting challenge. We implemented efficient categorization, navigation, and search functionalities for a user-friendly experience. This enhanced usability drove conversions and customer satisfaction.
  3. Seamlessly Syncing Ecommerce with 3rd Party Logistics: We eagerly tackled the challenge of integrating the client's ecommerce platform with 3rd party logistics providers. By automating the sync, we optimized order fulfillment, reduced manual intervention, and improved operational efficiency. Prompt order delivery enhanced customer satisfaction and the client's service reputation.
  4. Partnering with an Eco-Friendly Brand: Collaborating with a brand that had a strong eco-friendly mission was awesome. We were excited to work with EAB Exchange-A-Blade, North America's first eco-friendly power tools accessories brand, and support their efforts towards sustainability. By enabling them to expand into the US markets through ecommerce, we helped them reach a wider audience and promote their eco-friendly products to a larger customer base.
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"We engaged Coala Studio to refresh our stock shopify ecommerce website. We were very impressed with the speed and quality of the enhancements." -Mike Longhi (Executive VP)