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As trusted partners of HIUS, a leading residential & commercial design firm, we enhanced their brand identity through strategic design solutions. Our collaboration included logo creation, branded mockups, web fonts, and a captivating color palette. We developed comprehensive brand guidelines to ensure consistency across platforms. Working closely with HIUS, we refined their vision and values, resulting in a refined brand identity that positions them as industry leaders. What's even better is that we're still marketing partners with Hius and are currently building a new website for the company!
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How we added value..

Brand Identity Design: Understanding HIUS's unique vision and commitment to delivering exceptional design experiences, we crafted a captivating brand identity that reflected their essence. Our team meticulously designed a distinctive logo that captured their refined aesthetic and communicated their commitment to excellence. We also developed branded mockups, selected web fonts, and curated a color palette that resonated with their target audience, further reinforcing their brand identity.

Comprehensive Brand Guidelines: To ensure consistency and cohesion across all touchpoints, we created comprehensive brand guidelines for HIUS. These guidelines acted as a blueprint, providing clear instructions on logo usage, typography, color application, and overall brand representation. By adhering to these guidelines, Hius can confidently maintain a cohesive brand identity across various platforms and communication channels.

Collaborative Process: Our collaboration with Hius was built on a strong foundation of communication and collaboration. We worked closely with their team, understanding their vision, values, and aspirations. Through a series of iterative design reviews and feedback sessions, we refined and shaped their brand identity, ensuring that it accurately reflected their premium residential design expertise.

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What we loved about this project..

Embracing Out-of-the-Box Thinking: Working with Greg, the visionary founder of HIUS, was a delight. His innovative mindset pushed the boundaries of our creativity, resulting in unique and impactful design solutions. Together, we explored new possibilities and crafted a brand identity that truly stands out.

Supporting Local Roots: We were thrilled to partner with a homegrown business rooted in the Fraser Valley area. Collaborating with a local company allowed us to contribute to the growth and success of our community. It was a privilege to be part of HIUS's journey as they continue to make a positive impact in their region.

Ongoing Collaboration and Future Growth: Our collaboration with HIUS extends beyond the initial project. Currently, we are working on a website re-haul to further enhance their online presence. Looking ahead, we have exciting plans to support their growth through strategic marketing campaigns. The opportunity to forge a long-term partnership with HIUS is both inspiring and fulfilling.

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