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Phum Viphurit

Phum Viphurit, widely recognized for his neo-soul-inspired music, is a talented Thai singer-songwriter who gained international acclaim with his hit single "Lover Boy" in 2018. We had the honor of partnering with Phum and his team to create a Shopify website that would serve as a global platform for selling merchandise and albums. Despite the tight timeline of just three weeks, we delivered outstanding results.
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How we added value..

In our collaboration with a talented Thai indie songwriter/composer, our mission was to create a powerful platform for them to sell their artist merchandise and albums. With their upcoming tour fast approaching, our team sprang into action to deliver a sleek, functional Shopify ecommerce website in record time. Here's a glimpse into the remarkable achievements we accomplished for our esteemed client.

  1. Minimalist Shopify Ecommerce Website: Understanding the urgency of the client's need to start selling merchandise before their tour commenced, we embarked on a fast-paced journey to design and develop a customized Shopify ecommerce website. In under three weeks, we successfully delivered a stunning website that not only showcased the client's unique musical identity but also provided a seamless shopping experience for fans and supporters.
  2. Agile Custom Design Approach: To ensure that the website truly reflected the client's artistic vision, we adopted an Agile approach to design. This allowed us to collaborate closely with the client, gathering feedback and making iterative improvements along the way. By incorporating their aesthetic preferences and brand identity, we crafted a visually captivating website that resonated with their audience and conveyed their artistic essence.
  3. Finding the Minimum Viable Product: Recognizing the client's need to swiftly sell products across multiple countries, we strategically assisted them in identifying the minimum viable product. Through careful market analysis and leveraging the extensive reach of Shopify markets, we optimized the website to facilitate sales in a vast range of locations worldwide. This enabled the client to expand their fan base and generate revenue from various corners of the globe.
  4. Timely Delivery for the Tour Kickoff: Our commitment to meeting deadlines and surpassing expectations was exemplified by our ability to complete the website within the client's tight timeline. By efficiently managing resources and leveraging our expertise, we ensured that the client's ecommerce platform was up and running well in advance of their tour kickoff. This allowed them to capitalize on the excitement surrounding their performances and offer fans the opportunity to support their music through merchandise purchases.
  5. Continued Support and Success: Our collaboration with this exceptional Thai indie songwriter/composer has been immensely gratifying. By designing and developing a cutting-edge Shopify ecommerce website, we empowered them to connect with fans on a global scale and monetize their music through merchandise sales. As their trusted partner, we remain dedicated to their ongoing success, offering continued support and innovative strategies to enhance their online presence and maximize revenue opportunities.
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What we loved about this project..

hree Things We Loved About Collaborating with Phum Viphurit:

  1. Exploring Music Industry: Our first collaboration in the music industry allowed us to merge our expertise with Phum's artistic vision.
  2. Thriving Under Tight Timelines: Finishing the project within three weeks presented an exhilarating challenge that showcased our ability to deliver exceptional results under pressure.
  3. Enabling Global Reach: Empowering Phum to connect with fans worldwide through the Shopify website by leveraging shopify markets was incredibly rewarding, amplifying his global presence.
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