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RAIE Eyewear

RAIE is a D2C designer eyewear brand based in New South Wales, Australia. Our engagement with RAIE eyewear started with a simple audit of their Shopify website and email campaigns to optimize them for conversion. this was then followed with a complete revamp of their email automation setup and customer retention practices.
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How we added value..

We had the privilege of collaborating with RAIE eyewear, a remarkable D2C eCommerce brand that specializes in selling designer sunglasses for women. Our primary objective was to enhance their website and marketing campaigns to maximize conversion rates and foster customer loyalty.

  1. Thorough Website and Campaign Audit: To kickstart the partnership, we conducted a comprehensive audit of the client's website and marketing initiatives. This meticulous analysis enabled us to identify key areas of improvement and formulate a tailored strategy to drive results. One of the significant insights we uncovered was the untapped potential of their email automation setup, particularly regarding converting abandoned carts into successful purchases.
  2. Revamping Email Automation: Armed with our findings, we immediately set out to optimize the client's email automation system. By implementing strategic changes and enhancements, we successfully transformed abandoned carts into completed transactions. This resulted in a substantial boost in revenue and an improved overall conversion rate.
  3. Expanding Email Flows: Recognizing the power of personalized customer journeys, we devised and implemented additional email flows to capture multiple touchpoints throughout the customer lifecycle. By tailoring communication to various stages of the buying process, we significantly increased customer engagement and propelled conversions to new heights.
  4. Introducing Sales Gamification with a Face Shape Quiz: To further captivate the audience and encourage interaction, we devised a creative solution— a face shape quiz. This interactive quiz not only added an element of fun to the website but also provided valuable insights to guide customers in finding the perfect pair of sunglasses for their unique features. The gamification aspect increased email sign-ups and significantly influenced purchase decisions, resulting in a remarkable uptick in sales.
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What we loved about this project..

Our collaboration with this esteemed D2C eCommerce brand has been immensely rewarding. Through our expertise in growth marketing and commitment to innovation, we successfully enhanced their website and marketing campaigns, optimizing conversion rates, and driving customer retention. As their dedicated partner, we continue to work closely with the client, exploring new avenues for growth and striving to exceed their expectations.

Here are three things we loved about this brand:

  1. Freshness and Trendsetting: One of the aspects we absolutely adored about Raie Eyewear is their founder's unwavering dedication to keeping things fresh. Every month, they would introduce new designs that instantly sparked trends on popular platforms like TikTok and others. We applaud their ability to leverage organic social campaigns as a prominent component of their marketing strategy. It's inspiring to work with a brand that stays ahead of the curve and captures the attention of their target audience with innovative and trendsetting designs.
  2. Collaborating with an Australian Brand: We absolutely loved collaborating with Raie Eyewear as our first Australian brand partnership. It allowed us to tap into the unique style and innovation that Australian brands are known for and the experience enriched our expertise and provided valuable insights into this new market.
  3. Email Automation Challenge: Raie Eyewear presented us with an intriguing challenge when it came to their email automation setup, thanks to some sophisticated gamification tools we implemented on their website. The brand had multiple flows, triggers, and touchpoints that required careful configuration, going beyond the standard eCommerce flows. We welcomed this challenge with open arms and thoroughly enjoyed devising customized solutions to meet their unique requirements. Overcoming this complexity allowed us to showcase our expertise in email marketing and automation, delivering outstanding results and contributing to Raie Eyewear's overall success.
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"Nick and his team at Coala Studio are amazing marketing partners whose skills and expertise exceeded my expectations. They are extremely professional and reliable. Nick came to me with a number of solutions to the problems that arose and gave other suggestions that I didn’t ask for which was extremely helpful. He was innovative and brought fresh ideas to RAIE. He has so many skills and experience which has been amazing for me to delegate tasks and trust their expertise."