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As the trusted partners of Scoopmate, an eCommerce D2C company specializing in a revolutionary self-cleaning cat litter box, we collaborated closely to deliver a comprehensive range of services. Here's an overview of what we achieved together:
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How we added value..

eCommerce Store Design: Understanding the importance of a captivating online shopping experience, we crafted a visually stunning and user-friendly eCommerce store for Scoopmate. Our design team worked diligently to create an intuitive interface, seamless navigation, and persuasive product displays. The result was an engaging platform that effortlessly showcased the unique features and benefits of their self-cleaning litter box, enticing customers to make a purchase.

Email Automation: To maximize customer engagement and retention, we implemented an effective email automation strategy for Scoopmate. By analyzing customer behavior and journey, we identified key touchpoints and developed tailored email flows. Our goal was to convert potential customers into satisfied buyers and encourage repeat purchases. With personalized email campaigns, including abandoned cart recovery and post-purchase follow-ups, we streamlined their communication and nurtured customer relationships.

Go-to-Market Strategy: To ensure Scoopmate's successful entry into the market, we crafted a comprehensive go-to-market strategy. Our team conducted thorough market research, identified target audiences, and developed a compelling value proposition. Through a combination of targeted advertising, social media campaigns, and influencer partnerships, we positioned Scoopmate as the go-to solution for cat owners seeking a hassle-free litter box experience. Our strategy focused on creating awareness, driving traffic, and generating conversions.

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What we loved about this project..

Marketing Innovation in the Pet Niche: Working closely with the founders of Scoopmate, we had the privilege of promoting their groundbreaking self-cleaning cat litter box. This innovative product, at the forefront of the pet care industry, captivated our team's enthusiasm. Collaborating on a marketing strategy for such a unique offering allowed us to think creatively and push the boundaries of pet product promotion.

Local Roots and Community Support: Partnering with a local business rooted in the Fraser Valley area was a source of excitement for us. Supporting homegrown companies is a core value of our agency, and working with Scoopmate allowed us to contribute to the growth and success of our community. We take pride in fostering local entrepreneurship and driving positive change in our region.

Growing Organic Social Reach: Our collaboration with Scoopmate extends beyond the initial project, as we continue to support their growth. One of our ongoing initiatives is to expand their organic social media presence, particularly on TikTok. Within just three weeks, we achieved an impressive milestone, surpassing 50K views. By leveraging the power of engaging content and strategic promotion, we're helping Scoopmate build a strong online community and drive brand awareness.

Our collaboration with Scoopmate has been a journey of marketing innovation, local support, and measurable success. If you're seeking a partner who can bring creativity, community focus, and tangible results to your marketing efforts, we're here to help. Let's work together to propel your brand forward and achieve remarkable milestones. Contact us today to explore the possibilities of our collaboration.

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